Entheos Partners Testimonials

Therese C. Jordan, Ph.D.

Blair and Sandy are the single most powerful team of consultants I know for igniting positive transformation in organizations, for aligning individuals in common purpose, and for creating a platform for authentic relationships within a group.

I have taken part in many “change programs” over the years in business and in personal wellness. The difference I have found with Entheos is an absence of standard “cookbook” approaches, or organizational strategies that focus from the outside-in. Instead I have found myself in the midst of a vibrant, dynamic, expansive exploration of core values that build from inside out. I have been fortunate enough to be in two different client groups with them and found that they easily adapted their content and style based on the needs of the group.

With Entheos Partners you will be guided by competent, grounded, energized and flexible professionals towards an authentic alignment of self with organization. An accelerated path toward genuine and lasting results is the outcome -- because what the team learns is self-reinforcing. I have yet to see an approach which is more effective in bringing about a continuous re-invention of what it means to be conscious and responsible in a team. The teams that have worked with Sandy and Blair are profoundly changed – shifting on an ever-increasing slope of awareness and energy.

Transition zones in business or in our personal lives can sometimes be seen as painful or scary. When you work with Blair and Sandy you will forget you are in the midst of challenging obstacles. Their intuitive sense of group and individual energy; their natural sense of humanity and compassion; their complementary leadership styles - a unique blend of alive and intense… grounded and open… honest and playful - this allows for groups to find their own authentic aligning thread of purpose and energy. When organizations find themselves comfortable with the creativity and uncertainty that occurs at the edge of “no longer” and “not yet”, as they learn to trust the strength of inner convictions and aligned values, a truly powerful wave is created. This is what Entheos enables. And the momentum that builds from this new state of being leaves the team less consumed with “achieving results” and more ready to “receive results” that just naturally come. Then… it just happens. Profound!

Therese C. Jordan, Ph.D.
Vice President, Business Development
Konarka Technologies, Inc.